• As one of Yarok's first retail locations I knew we had something special. From the creator to the formulas and packaging it was a line that I wanted to offer our customers around the globe. I am truly impressed with what Yarok has grown to be and can't wait to see where it continues to go. We are honored to be a Yarok's destination

    Brian J. Esposito, CEO AVEYOU Beauty Boutique
  • Feed Your Youth Hair & Scalp Serum: This product was one of the top reasons we introduced Yarok at Saffron Rouge. I love this serum, the way it smells and how gorgeous it makes my hair!

    Feed Your Ends Leave In Conditioner: I cannot be without this product! It is by far the most superior product I have ever tried for flat iron straightening. Thank you Yarok for your commitment to purity and performance!

    Karen Pellar, Product Manager, SaffronRouge
  • Yarok's Youth treatment is based in oils from avocado, apricot, and yarrow, all of which are packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. The oil is thick and slightly green, very similar to the color and consistency of a good olive oil. It has a rich earthy amazing scent, which most likely comes from the ylang ylang. I love the smell. The day it arrived I had already showered and done my hair. But I really couldn't wait until the next day to try it. So although the directions say to leave it on for 10 minutes, I decided to use it that night and sleep with it in my hair. You are supposed to work three droppers full through your hair and scalp and leave it in for 10 minutes before shampooing. But there's no reason you can't leave it on longer.

    The next morning I washed my hair twice, just to make sure all the oil was out. In the shower my hair did feel smooth and soft, almost as if I didn't need to use a conditioner. But the real test would be how my somewhat unruly curls felt and performed once they dried. And while my hair did seem soft, there wasn't really a huge noticeable difference. I didn't want to draw any conclusions yet. This is the type of treatment that I imagine works better over time.

    The next time I used it, I followed the directions. I left in for about 10 minutes. I washed my hair only once, to see if that would be enough to get all the oil out and it was. This time I ended up drying my hair with my mom's Conair Spin Air Brush (which by the way, is AMAZING and deserves a review of its own). As my hair was nearly dry, I had an idea that maybe using a teensy bit of oil on my dry hair would help smooth it out. I rubbed just one or two drops into my palms, and ran my hands through my hair. The combination of the Air Brush and the oil left my hair smooth, super shiny, and amazingly bouncy. Pretty much the best it's ever looked! When I showered the next day, my hair felt healthy and soft, again like I didn't even need conditioner. Since I've been using it, my hair is less dry and brittle feeling.

    So the bottom line is I really like this product. The organic ingredients are amazingly pure and super healthy for your hair and scalp. If you are going to use it on dry hair as a finishing product, make sure to use only a very teensy tiny bit; otherwise, it will leave your hair greasy.

    Kim, truthinaging.com
  • The shine serum ingredient list, a concoction of several oils, is refreshingly short and well thought out. The serum is made up of sesame (hair shaft moisturizer) coconut (hair softener), wheat germ (natural preservative when mixed in other oils), clary sage (antioxidant essential oil) and petitgrain oils (balances moisture levels). It can be used pre- or post-styling by warming it between the palms of your hands and applying to the hair.

    It's important to remember that the serum is largely a blend of oils and really must be applied "sparingly." The very first time I used it, the sweet woman who threads my eyebrows asked me if I'd just come from the gym. Hoping to avoid another greasy-looking blunder, I tried using the serum pre-heat styling per the instructions but didn't find that it added shine as promised.

    What I was surprised to learn, rather inadvertently, is that the oil concoction is capable of preventing one of the worst hair disasters known to humankind; a problem that dimethicone cannot manage - humidity-induced frizz! There have been a few days of London-like, bothersome drizzle in New York the past week and once I mastered applying the shine serum sparingly, I couldn't help but admire my climate-conquering shiny hair.

    Nisha, truthinaging.com
  • I have been using this shampoo for about 2 weeks and love it. I have fine but not thin hair and it makes it soft, smooth, and does add some volume. I am also graying and use semipermanent color and it is working fine for those two categories. My gray hair is so unruly is why it is being colored and nothing before this shampoo would help it lay down and behave. So I am very happy with this product. I haven't used the conditioner as I don't need it with this shampoo.

    Deborah, truthinaging.com
  • This is a deliciously lemon scented product. I have never used this type of hair product before, but it will now be part of my routine. I have very long hair, which also means I have have of every length. Those shorter lengths tend to stick out from my smooth style. I simply take a tiny amount and run an amost clear layer from my index finder tip to the ball of the thumb joint. Then I put both hands together and rub lightly to distribut thr product. I then run my palms down the length of my hair multiple times. That one bit usually does the trick. Always start very sparinging. I used on dry hair to smooth the flyaways. This is not gooey and does not dry hard on the hair. Leaves your hair freshely scented, smooth and free moving. I can't stress enough that a tiny bit is all you need.

    Kathy, truthinaging.com